CX Management seminar in Tokyo: December 16th, 2019

This blog post contains an overdue announcement about my new position at mct inc. and some timely publicity about an upcoming CX Management seminar in Tokyo:

I’m pleased to announce that I joined mct inc. (a Daishinsha company) as Director of Customer Experience Management (CXM) consulting at the end of September. Since 2002, mct has introduced research and design capabilities to businesses in Japan under the banner of human-centered innovation – including ethnography, service design, co-creation, and cultural transformation. It feels great to be working in Tokyo (again!), with the mct team of over 30 researchers, designers, and business strategists. I’m excited about my mission to introduce CXM in the Japanese market.

On December 16th (Mon), we’re hosting a half-day seminar on CXM for Japanese companies at our seminar space (“CHIKA”) in Sendagaya, Tokyo. I will be making a presentation to explain CXM — Piecemeal CX initiatives won’t bring about the far-reaching CX improvement that companies need to differentiate themselves today. To achieve continuous CX improvements that consistently drive customer loyalty and revenue growth, firms need to adopt CX Management as a business discipline.

In this presentation, I’ll share some of the findings from my recent research “The State of Global Customer Experience,” which I mentioned in my last blog post, and I’ll make recommendations for companies that want to apply discipline to their CX efforts. We will also be facilitating activities to get participants thinking about the state of CXM at their organizations and provoke discussion about CX transformation.

The seminar is free of charge. There are 50 places available. It will be conducted in Japanese (no translation). If you or your colleagues would like to participate, please sign up on the seminar registration page. If you want to explore the topic in English, please send me a message to arrange a discussion.

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